Profhilo is unlike any other treatment we offer.  It increases the skins own production of collagen and elastin (which decreases with age).  This givens the appearance of skin tightening and remodels your facial features.  It also nourishes and hydrates the skin from within.

Procedure Time

45 mins, 2 appointments

Sensitivity Period

Estimated 24 hours

Full Recovery

Estimated 2 days



2 weeks



Swelling, bruising, infection


Duration Of Results

9–12 months**

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profhilo®

Until recently even with the use of Botox® and dermal fillers we were unable to treat the appearance of skin becoming less tight – basically the loss of collagen and elastin fibres which happens with age. With Profhilo® we can now counteract this.

Profhilo contains 2 types of hyaluronic acid (also found in dermal fillers). Type 1 stimulates your own cells to make more of your own hyaluronic acid. This nourishes and hydrates the skin cells from within. Type 2 counteracts skin laxity whilst remodeling the face and tightening the skin.

What areas are treated?

There are 10 injection sites – 5 on each side of the face. You will not see immediate results as Profhilo® does not work in the same way as dermal fillers. After the injections, Profhilo® will gently spread out under the skin and start working. Treatment involves 2 visits, 1 month apart.

Is the procedure painful?

There are slightly more injections than you would have for other treatments, but the injections are not painful and have been well tolerated by our clients.

How long will the effects last?
Results will last between 9 and 12 months.
Are there any side-effects?

As with any injections on your face there is a small risk of bruising. You may feel small lumps under your skin, where the Profhilo® has been injected, but these will go down within a few days.


What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Couldn’t ask for better!  Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and a nice private clinic.  Always very accommodating to my needs.”

LK, Jan 2017

Very professional in the way the procedure is carried out.  Mark explains everything fully before, during and after the treatment.  Very happy with the results.

LS, Feb 2017

“The Sperrin Clinic provides a professional and discreet service in a relaxed environment.  I have every confidence in Mark’s ability and his judgement and feel confident that he understands my needs and will fulfil my requirements each and every time.”

Clare, Feb 2017


*The risks mentioned are not an exhaustive list. During the medical consultation a detailed medical history will be taken and the procedure risks discussed in more detail. ** Duration of results may vary from person to person. *** Thermavein® will permanently remove facial thread veins, but will not stop the appearance of new veins.

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