Will the injections hurt?

Botox is injected through a tiny insulin needle and is not particularly painful. The Dermal Fillers used in The Sperrin Clinic contain local anaesthetic which makes them much more comfortable for our clients. In addition we can use topical anaesthetic cream to help numb the skin prior to your treatment.

What is the “down-time” following treatment?

After Botox injections there is commonly some redness of the skin and mild swelling. This should disappear within a few hours.

With dermal fillers bruising is a possibility particularly if the lips are treated, this can usually be hidden with makeup and only lasts a few days.

Will everyone notice I have had a treatment?

You will look more youthful and rested. Most of our clients report that they attracted compliments but even their nearest and dearest didn’t realise exactly what procedure they had done.